Life (Organic Carbon 40%)

Beneficial for soil health & in accordance with principles of regenerative agriculture. Improves phy- chem properties thereby quality of yield & reduces incidence of pests, imparts life to soil & farming as well.

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All types of vegetables, horticulture crop (pomegranate, grapes, banana, mango etc), ornamental & herb plants, field crops like sugarcane, potato, wheat, barely, rice, maize etc.


Ascophyllum Nodosum 25% W/W
Free L – Amino Acid 10% W/W
Organic Carbon 40% W/W
Vitamines, abscisic acids like growth promoting substances


  • Recommended to use through drip and flood irrigation. 1-2 litre per acre once in 15-20 days. Frequent application is recommended throughout cropping cycle.


  • Loosens soil for easy penetration of roots
  • Improves structure & water retention in soil
  • Promotes the development of chlorophyll, sugars, and amino acids in plants. Increase yield and quality of produce.
  • Increase microbial activities in soil.