Sil-Action (For plant stress & immunity management)

It is a unique concentrated formulation that contains 2.0% stabilized OSA made up through unique technology, which is developed to maximize plant growth and health.

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Mode of Action

It allows elemental silicon to penetrate tissues and exerts a remarkable biological activity. It regulates growth of the plant and its natural defence system. Making plant more resistant against diseases and stresses such as extreme heat and cold. In turn, the plant will root faster, develop stronger stems and leaves, which will result in firmer plant and higher yields.


  • Helps plants to show an improved growth, higher yield, reduced mineral toxicity and better disease and insect resistance.
  • Helps alleviate Abiotic stress in the plant – temperature fluctuations, water shortage, excess rain and soil related stress (acidity, alkalinity, salinity, heavy metals etc.)
  • Enhances greater uptake of nutrient available in soil so improves over all plant health and ultimately provide higher yield with superior quality.
  • Inhibited salt (Sodium) absorption and improve photosynthesis in plants.


OSA 2%
Biological extracts 15%
Special Stabilizers Q.S.
Total 100%

Directions for use

  • Take 3-4 ml of Sil-Action liquid and mix it with 1 lit of water.