StikOn-90 Microbial Penetrator & Adjuvant

It’s a Microbial Spreader & Penetrator Wetting Agent decreases the contact angel of water droplet to any surface like leaf, soil etc. So, increases the spreading of water droplet on the leaf during the pesticide spray. It has excellent water retention capacity, non toxic nature, and reduction of use of pesticides.

Mode of Action

It breaks down surface tension of water. Leaf surface is composed of waxy cuticle and act as hydrophobic in nature and does not allow any water droplet to stray over surface. It allowed any pesticide spray for even distribution on leaf surface by providing surface activity and decreasing surface angle of droplet. It reduces surface tension of spray solution to allow more intimate contact between droplet & plant surface thereby facilitating stomatal infiltration


  • Organic in nature
  • Faster spreading & highest coverage.
  • High purity, Balanced composition
  • It’s blend of extracts of Pseudomonadaceae & Bacillaceae.
  • Biodegradable, faster surface covering & interfacial activities, low toxicity.

Dosage & Application

For Foliar Application Dose & Method
Spray 50 ml to 100 ml in 200 lit of water
Drip 100 ml/Acre


All types of crops along with plant protection products i.e. Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds, Vegetables, fruit & horticulture crops.


Components Percent
Phosphorus 2%
Potash 0.5%
Lipids 4-5%
Proteins 1-3%
Cellulose 5%
Broth 77.5-79.5%


  • Work as adhesive agent between plant and applied chemical.
  • Also work as a spreader and helpful to improve effectivity of applied product.