ZiO-39 (Liquid Zinc Supplement – Zinc Oxide 39.5%)

It includes direct application to soils to correct the zinc deficiency, root dipping and seed coating before crop transplant but also as ingredient for foliar application of zinc. These are widely used especially with Horticulture, Vegetables and all types of agriculture crops.

Suitable for Fruit crops, Vegetable crops, Flower crops, Plantation crops, Spices & Condiments crops, Medicinal Crops, Aromatic Crops and Gardening plant.


  • Takes part in N metabolism and stimulates amino acid to produce proteins.
  • Contains 39.5% min Zn, which is more than any other form of Zinc Nutrition.
  • Stable suspension concentrated formulation and helps to form enzymes which regulate the plant life.
  • Excellent product for decreasing zinc deficiency in short time.
  • Recommended for organic farming.
  • Requires very low dosage with better zinc nutrition.
  • Nanoparticles supports rapid absorption.
  • It can be used mixed tank with agrochemicals.
  • Promotes nitrogen metabolism, produces protein and starch, boosts chloroplast.


Zinc as (Zn percent by weight, minimum) 39.5
pH (5% solution) 9.0 +- 1
Specific gravity (@15oC) 1.71-1.75

Dose and Application

Soil Application 250-300 ml/Acre
Foliar Application Mix 250-300 ml of ZiO-39 with 200 ltr. Water and spray evenly on crop
Drip Irrigation Mix 400 ml of ZiO-39 with 200 ltr. Of water and incorporate into the soil through the drip irrigation systems.